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Computer programming: it might not be rocket science but…

November 3, 2006

My mission to learn Python and Django is proving trickier than I thought. I started off from with chapter 1 of the Django book. A sort of beginner’s guide to Django.

Not beginnery enough.

So I took a step back, and found this cracking post on Django for Windows. It really is for total beginners. I now have PostgreSQL, Python, mod_python and Apache installed on my computer.

Even that didn’t end well. I got to a line that said :

“Open your Apache configuration file, usually located at C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\conf\httpd.conf with notepad. Scroll down and look for a section that includes a bunch of lines that start with LoadModule. Add the following line to that section:

LoadModule python_module modules/"

The funny thing was I actually found the http.conf section. I did insert that line into the LoadModule. After that Apache refused to start.

This is not a good thing, but neither is it surprising. I will not let this get me down, I will persevere and give myself an insanely over enthusiastic pat on the back for even getting that far.
What’s more, I just got someone from Omnimedia asking me about blogs and I love sending emails designed to razz folk up about social media. All my deliciousing is not in vain.