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Dear Helen Alexander, more money please

October 7, 2006

April 2007 

Dear Helen Alexander,

I’m so glad that you’ve taken such a keen interest in Project Redstripe. Your right, it has been a lot of fun.

Who’d have thought that it would be such a success so quickly.

About that money you gave us, well…er…the thing is we need more. How does $500 000 a month sound?

Thanks a lot,



Why ask for $500 000? Because that’s how much YouTube are losing every single month, according to the bible of globalisation.

In a normal business I think that is seen as, generally, a bad thing. The astounding thing is that YouTube don’t even have a business model. That does not stop TechCrunch from putting out some strong, totally unsubstantiated, (now semi-confirmed), rumours that Google are sniffing around for $1.6 billion.

Is it Bubble2.0? Alan Rusbridger made the point that Google didn’t have a business model until four years ago. It’s doing OK now.

Therefore, a central plank of my campaign to be on Project Redstripe is this. I want to create a hugely loss making site.

Project in the Redstripe, if you will.