Let’s get Semantic

Just spent a great couple of days at the SemanticCamp in Imperial College. Firstly a big shout out to Ashok Argent-Katwala and Tom Morris for organising the event, and for everyone else who came. Data is at the heart of most of the web ideas I have, particularly personal data. This event was fascinating in that it allowed me, a non-techie, to really see under the hood on the different technologies that are making these things possible.The RDF vs. Microformats debate carried on in various forms, with no real winner, but an acceptance that they are both useful tools which will, probably, converge. The eventual winner being the Semantic Web as a whole.I’ll be laying down some more thoughts later – shame I had to cancel a trip up to Scotland to go there. 


5 Responses to “Let’s get Semantic”

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