Apologies for corporate sucking, but my boss is great

I know this might qualify me for a Private Eye Order of the Brown Nose (I might even nominate myself) but I really did enjoy reading this article on Andrew Rashbass’ performance at MIX07. I’ll not dwell on it too long because singing the praises of your intelligent, handsome publisher looks cynical. So he was taking part in a debate on the convergence of marketing and content, however, as opposed to banging that drum he kicked off with this peach:

“It’s kind of funny to hear Robbie Bach [Microsoft’s president for entertainment and devices] giving a talk on advertising and monetization when he just lost $300m in the last quarter.” (Link)

I won’t take out anymore highlights as it really would look too craven and sucky. Read the rest of the article, it makes some good points. The thinking is familiar to me as I heard much of it from Andrew on my third day of the job. Coming in all starry eyed about the web, only to realise that The Economist magazine format is sort of working (10% growth year on year for some time). Being a n00b I also made the mistake of asking Mr Rashbass what he did at The Economist…nice.


3 Responses to “Apologies for corporate sucking, but my boss is great”

  1. Mike Says:

    I’m your boss.

  2. Stewart Robinson Says:

    I’m your boss too.

  3. barcelonaorbust Says:

    Thanks for reminding me guys.

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