Project Red Stripe seeks ideas

Today we’re going live with our idea gathering process. This is where we throw open the doors to everyone to contribute ideas. Asking the question : what would you like to see The Economist Group doing online? We’re ready to do anything that rocks, and I’m sure there are a lot of creative people who would like to see that happen. I’m sure there are a lot of folk that would like to give advice on how this big old group could change. This is the opportunity to do it.

We’ve written a brief here, which sketches out what we sort of idea we’d like. It’s great, but I’d like to have my own go at it, for a more personal touch.


Tom’s Manifesto

The Economist Group is ready to do amazing things. They’ve set up Project Redstripe to dream impossible dreams on the web. We’ve got the chance to build something outrageous and we want your help.

Think big. Think bigger than big. Send that idea in and we’ll try to make it happen.

Our objective is to come up with “innovative web based product”, but that sounds a little staid. It doesn’t quite capture the true jaw dropping potential of our project.

Project Redstripe wants to start a new state in the U.S. of Awesome.

Our ice cream flavour is Pralines and Ridonculousness.

Project Redstripe is a Model T Ford in any colour as long as it’s smokin’.

Think Elvis riding a unicorn through Area 51. Yep, think like that.

Now, if you’d like to tell us some cool things you’d like to see happen then please give us your ideas.

We want ideas that rock.

Ideas that make a difference.

Ideas that you can make happen if you’ve got a global community of incredibly interesting people, amazing content, tons of data and six months to do it.

Gentlepeople, start your engines and submit ideas here.

Thanks so much for your time, creativity and kindness. Please keep in touch for the rest of the project via our blog and thanks again.

ps. T&Cs and FAQs over here.


Yep, that’s closer to the mark. It seems a bit more me. Hope you submit an idea.

Thanks if you do.


16 Responses to “Project Red Stripe seeks ideas”

  1. antonis hontzeas Says:

    This is an encouraging initiative. I think one of the main challenges you will find when trying to marry established media with blogging is perhaps conflict when it comes to points of view. A citizen reports events as he/she sees them and of course subject to her/his interpretation (which can of course be subjective but if many citizens report on the same event, then some sort of objectivity is eventually derived).
    Media, which is subject to some sort of ownership, follows some sort of general strategy that may affect the way that information is conveyed/reported. Therefore, your initiative may very well present many challenges, but is nevertheless a breath of fresh air. Good luck and I’ll certainly keep tuned.

  2. brian c.mccrackin Says:

    who would you most want to see cloned if you only had one choice?
    not including your mother
    i vote hands down, jerry garcia lead guitaresta for the greatful dead .give him all the albums and a guitar on his day of cloning?… birth day?….out of the box…

  3. brian c.mccrackin Says:

    love to one and all

  4. barcelonaorbust Says:

    Cloning Jerry Garcia is definitely something we’re looking into. At the moment we’re in discussion with Ben and Jerry’s to see if they have any of him left over in the ice cream factory. We only need one strand of his DNA.

  5. shel israel Says:


    It might be time to post something new. Maybe ask your visitors if the prefer blogs to forms?

  6. Lingolook » Social Linking sparks Adaptive Learning Says:

    […] The other thing I’m involved in this week is getting my Web-Teach project into first gear. This is one of those ideas I’ve had in the back of my mind for longer than my pride will allow me to admit, and the reason it’s surfaced now is thanks in no small part to a recommendation by Shel Israel when replying to Tom Shelley of the Economist. […]

  7. brian c.mccrackin Says:

    i can find a source for the great guitarista’s dna.,…let’s do it!
    now in the meantime someone line up the cloning facilities and experience of the ‘raelians”, if i have spelled that correctly. they have already succeeded in cloning a human. he or she is under strickest underground hiding by the group from the internationalist illuminati,secret societies types who don’t want anyone but themselves with this knowledge and ability. digression: raelian..reptilianalien….illuminnaughty..?hum cat and mouse, spooks, forces light and dark as old as the hills.
    meanwhile, now this is also patented/intellectual property….find a willing voulnteer with the expertese and ….apply the bible code process to ….
    james joyce’s finnagans wake! do it! that is it!that will break it loose, this is serious. i am always serious, even about my humor,but there is money fame and fortune in this one, beyond your wildest dreams.
    i want 7% it is that good. i am traping this letter and forwarding it as protection for my me and i can further advise and contribute work on this, you won’t believe it! i have already done a little, but want a skilled professional to help take this up.
    now then back to the dna,…i can get it! i’m serious. get on this as someone else will if we don’t! this is actually an enevitability, i know what i am talking about. i will raise him myself and get him the guidance…musically.
    get this site going .this is a good idea and has great possibilities. two of which i have authored myself. funding and expertese, the timing on both of these is good…and timing is everything…now go!! b. mcc.

  8. brian c.mccrackin Says:

    look tom this is meant to do i know? that is a no brainer
    my 29 yr old first born son, david got some money together and moved to
    a small village on the costa rican carribean ocean way down near the panama is puerto viejo c.r. there he got a small finca in the rain forest a 15 min hike to the playa and surf. ….and ..and a small cafe’ in town …called,..’THE RED STRIPE. he has been the proprietor there for almost 10 yrs. now.following his star in a paradise of the del carribe’. my two grand sons are ticos. take that break sometime before too long and look him up .you won’t regret it. magic still rules in puerto.just ask for david and the RED STRIPE right on the beach,david will hook you up ,a great place to kick it. for now let’s shake this site up! b.mcc.

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