What should we do with Economist Group user data?

The Bush administration has accelerated its Internet surveillance push by proposing that Web sites must keep records of who uploads photographs or videos in case police determine the content is illegal and choose to investigate. — Declan McCullagh, CNET News. (via Danah at apophenia)

It would be really worrying if this development did come to pass as the last thing I’d want is the government to be nosing around my web. I mean I don’t have a Nectar card because I don’t like companies knowing too much about me. However, some of the most interesting things that are being done on the web rely on aggregating user behaviour.

StumbleUpon suggests the sites you’ll like, based on your previous preferences.

Last.fm tells you what music to listen as it knows what listeners like you liked.

The more we can learn from Economist Group users the better a service we can provide them because it facilitates discoverability. It also facilitates deliverability of targetted ads.

Where do we draw the line? I don’t know yet, but it will definitely have to get a lot of thought.


One Response to “What should we do with Economist Group user data?”

  1. abu ameerah Says:

    the Bush “internet surveillance” program is designed to keep a watchful eye on people like me…

    i’m screwed.


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