The Washington Post has great video

It’s hard for me to say whether my excitement around Project Redstripe is more because we’re doing funky things on the web, or because the web lets you do great journalism (though it might be in a very different form). Before I joined the Economist I really concentrated on the Web2.0 space, but in the past few months have been mainlining new journalism (frequently via Journerdism).

At present I’m just going nuts about video, and the place I go to find interesting things is the Washington Post.  The Answers Man is a great example of doing traditional local journalism with video. The Answers Man is columnist John Kelly, who responds to readers letters about local places of interest by going to the area itself. Importantly he does this in a hat.

In this episode a reader asks about an interestingly decorated ‘body shop’ (I think that’s Yankee for garage). This piece is clearly enlivened through video with the user being able to see the building in question, with its many statues and add ons. This what hyperlocal’s about. The Washington Post concentrating on Washington like no one else can, then bringing it to life with video.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on video from now on and try to deliver the best bits to you here. It also leads onto a question I have yet to answer : how can The Economist do hyperlocal? How can it do hyperlocal in video?


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