Rob Curley on innovation : “I just want to keep building cool shit”

Here at Project Redstripe we’re trying to find ways to judege ideas because we’re going to  be flooded by them. Hell, I think of ten fun things to do online whilst doing up my shoelaces, not because I’m particularly bright, but because there’s so much great stuff out there.

But how do you decide what to do?

Should it make money? Should it change the world? Is it for Economist Group users? Or should we get new users? It’s got to be innovative, but what does that mean?

During these discussions I tend to get frustrated, because we should just know when something kicks ass. Then I find solace in a Rob Curley interview discussing  what he wants to do online. And there’s no “bringing multimedia to the masses” rhetoric, or “helping people help themselves” schtick.

No, he “justs wants to keep building cool shit“.

Amen to that.


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