Users vs Editors : The CNN front page example

I love our users.

They can do amazing things.

The Economist Group should do all they can to empower them.

Here’s what The Economist Group shouldn’t do : let’s most read articles create the home page. For proof look at the favourites on CNN (as of 18.44 GMT, 26/2 (by the way, that’s February 26th in English format not the second of God-knows-when-abry in the US)).

No. 1 : Stacks of Fun : video from the world cup stacking championship. Massively impressive video, but we probably won’t have it as a leader.

No. 2 : Union Square Pillow Fight : Yawn already, massive pillowfight flash mobs were interesting 2 years ago. (A more amusing flash mob is the randomly chasing strangers).

No. 3 : Housing Sex Offenders : apparently housing sex offenders is controversial…

No. 4 : High Speed Chase : is CNN the new Police! Camera! Action! ?

So that’s a front page of fun, fear and thrills. I’d like to think Economist readers were higher browed than that. Maybe we should give it a go and generate the front page by popularity.

But I have a sneaking feeling that the moment we wrote a blue box story on the deleterious effects human methan emissions in UN negotiations, we’d know what the home page would show.

Update : John Robinson says that he prefers to see the least read articles because its interesting to see what people are not reading (via Journerdism!)


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