First impressions of Project Red Stripe

Yesterday was the first day of Project Redstripe and it didn’t impress me. Let me clarify. After nervously asking at reception where the Economist thing was, I got pointed in the direction of the Kitchen Room, where we’d have our first meeting.

Whenever you’re in a new office there’s a bit of a first day of school feeling, but I was most excited to see our place of work, which is at AMV BBDO. After all, it had been built up a lot. “And you’ll be working in an ad agency” was the cry at Economist Tower. I couldn’t help but think of a bean bag infested, foosball table sprouting, glass and brushed steel plushness.

This soon disappeared after settling down in the Kitchen Room to greet all the folk (and everyone is great, by the way). It turned out that the very plain, very white meeting room (with ensuite loo and shower facilities) would be Red Stripe HQ for six months. But if Apple can be built in a garage, this will do us nicely.

As the day drew one thing became very clear: we’ve been set a monumental challenge. After we’d fitted in all the key components (development, marketing, testing, business plan) to a very high level time plan, there was little time left to spare. We’re going to have to work like crazy people to get this done.

However, the first day wasn’t entirely spent creative thinking as we were able to film the first post to our vlog.

It turns out Joanna is pretty good


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