More gems from Curley on the technology and newspapers

“‘Twas the days after Christmas, when all through the advertising industry,

Not a media agency was stirring, not even a mouse.”

My, my, isn’t the in between Christmas and New Year period quiet. I hope you all received what you wished for this year (as world peace hasn’t broken out I’ll hazard the guess that there are no Miss World contestants reading this). One fellow who has received a very nice Christmas present is the richly deserving Rob Curley, whom the Newspaper Association of America have named in their 20 under 40.

He answered some questions for NAA about (guess what?) the future of newspapers. Here are some highlights :

“Technology is nothing more than developing new ways of connecting with our audience and giving them something that they never knew they needed, but love having….Taking newspapers into the digital world isn’t about the coolest software; it’s about the coolest connection we can make with our audience…there seems to be so much doom and gloom out there right now when it comes to the newspaper industry, and, to be honest, there is no other period in American journalism that I wish I was a part of.”

Amen to that. He speaks the truth.


One Response to “More gems from Curley on the technology and newspapers”

  1. chrisfiore5 Says:

    just a random hit, fedoral reserve… hope you have a great new year. peace.

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