Wither magazines (that don’t embrace the web)

I get very surprised, then excited, when I hear folk wondering outloud about the future of magazines or newspapers. Getting all gloomy when, to my mind there is nothing but opportunity, yet some can’t see it.

There are so many new ways media can play with its audience (and I don’t mean toy with them) but to enjoy ourselves with our readers. To find ways to interact with them, to have fun. Hell, I can’t get over the sense of being at the start of a really big adventure.

So it was heartening to find a Jeff Jarvis post on Whither magazines, that spoke to my heart, this bit in particular :

“The wise magazine will enable its community to speak among themselves. And it will also find ways to extract and share the wisdom of its crowd. This is true not just of magazines but of other, similar brands in other media (The New York Times, The Guardian, 60 Minutes, the Food Network, and most any trade publication. . .). I don’t want to know what the nation’s best-sellers are — the top books in the general-interest mass market. I want to know the best-selling and best-reviewed books among New Yorker or Times or Economist or Guardian readers. I want to know what EW’s community thinks of Borat. I want to see what Advertising Age’s crowd thinks of Time Magazine’s moves.”

You said it Mr. Jarvis.


One Response to “Wither magazines (that don’t embrace the web)”

  1. perfectpath Says:

    So the question becomes “How do I best enable you to tell the world that you’re an Economist reader, and proud of it?” rather than “How can I entice you into my cosy world and stick your eyeballs to my ads” 😉

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