Video and The Economist : do we want home movies of our articles?

On Friday I’ll be flying out to New York to visit my sister. It will be my first time there and I plan on having a good time. However, I also want to take advantage of the undervalued Chinese remimbi which has, in turn, led to the US weakening the dollar to protect manufacturing jobs. This means great shopping.

What I want to get is a Tom Shelley Media kit. I’m in the market for an iMac, video camera and microphone. That should be all I need to become a one man social media army. Hugh Macleod is also looking into video and from there I was able to find out how much it would cost, through helpful posts like this one.

It’s really not that much and, according to Life Hacker, there are 8 easy ways to shoot video like a pro.

I think this democratisation is important as just over a week ago I was involved in an Economist discussion on our audio future. I, naturally, wanted to get the conversation on to video, because it will play a part in the future of The Economist.

The questions that came up all started from the premise that you need professionals to do video :

How would journalists recreate the polish and poise of the articles with cameras?

Surely the quality will be too low to be Economist?

The questions are all valid and I don’t have the answers, but I think the sooner we find a way to move into this space the better.

It’s changes like this that make me so excited about the possibility of Redstripe. Why get worried about the future when we should just try to get their first?

From the Alive in Baghdad vlog : quality of picture vs quality of content


One Response to “Video and The Economist : do we want home movies of our articles?”

  1. perfectpath Says:

    Hi Tom, I’m intrigued by your blog and Project Redstripe.

    If you’re in London and want to meet up for a coffee sometime to talk over your ambitions for one-man-social-media-empire status you can find my mobile number on my blog.

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