Ecnmst readrs on Flickr

There I was trying to install widgets on my blog, because now is the time to *get* widgets. The result is that I now have one Economist blog feed on the side as well as interesting photos from Flickr. This means I no longer have a blogroll, which annoys me.

Once I got to Flickr, however, I thought I’d see what I could find by searching for “economist”. Well blow me down with a feather there are over 1000 photos with that tag and, other than a few of economists such as Jo Stiglitz and drunken economists, it is all about The Economist.

I can’t believe people are loving our ads so much, and they love taking photos of their pets and  babies reading it. There are snaps of the building and flicks of the front covers.

There is a community of Economist lovers on Flickr and we need to get in touch with them. We need to empower and enable them. Oh, think what could happen if they all decided to help us.

Here’s the link to the photos. Enjoy.


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