Tom Shelley: the three in one option

If you’ve watched the Dirty Dozen, Ocean’s Eleven or any other team bonding action film you’ll know, that when you’re putting together a team you need different skills. You’ll need an explosive man, a gymnast comes in handy and there’s probably a guy called Wheels somewhere in the mix.

Judging by Mike’s post on the Project Redstripe blog the lessons of Hollywood have been learned. Just as you don’t need two lethal hand-to-hand fighters, we might not need two classified sales people. So this post will show that on top of being a super keen internet geek and a sales guy, I’m also a newsfiend and ex-amateur hack.

I’ve been addicted to newspapers since I were a nipper. Between the ages of 8-13 I read the Times and Express that got sent to our school library. Then, from 13-18, I did very little work, but read almost every newspaper,every day. I subscribed to The Guardian, borrowing The Times, The Mail (know your enemy) and The Telegraph from different chaps in my house.

Whilst there, in a daring burst of originality,I wrote a, wait for it, satirical school magazine – that stalwart of public school dissent. The Loafer ran for one issue in order to raise holiday/drinking money. Great features included faux-serious interviews with the camp head chef and a Regimental Sergeant Major Agony Aunt.

The authorities quaked before my pen.

At university I wrote but did nail one corrupt landlord with a glorious front page scoop for the Bristol University newspaper. Who’d have thought a landlord would try to take student’s deposits?

During my sojourn in Paris (did I tell you I speak French?) one of the projects I most enjoyed was writing a small politics column for GoGo Paris a trendy arts and culture magazine. It was not very long piece – 400 words or so – but I really did enjoy it. I got to choose a story in the French news and bring it to the English speakers of Paris. Writing a summary of the EU Constitution kerfuffle in 400 is tough.

I’m not pretending to be a journo, with ink stained hand and tattered jumper, but what I will say is that I care about the news. It is something that intrigues and entrances me. The opportunity to be involved in the changes that are sweeping the system is beyond words.

Think of me as the combined safe cracker, crack pistol shot and dextrous pickpocket all in one. Kind of.


One Response to “Tom Shelley: the three in one option”

  1. Ed Lee Says:

    you get my vote tom!

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