Tom decides to learn code. Hmmm…

If someone tells me they’re bored, I always think it helps to tell them to learn a language. It will certainly occupy their time but, more importantly, it will totally annoy them.

However, I have decided to take my own advice and I’m going to learn not one, but two languages. What’s more their names are way more exciting than such yawnfests as German, Chinese or Russian. Check me out, I’m going to learn Python and Django.

These are, obviously, programming languages designed for rapid development of webpages and Django runs on the Python web framework, so they might not be languages at all. Here’s a bit more about it :

“Django is deeply rooted in the problems and solutions of the Real World. It wasn’t created to be marketed and sold to developers, nor was it created as an academic exercise in somebody’s spare time. It was built from Day One to solve daily problems for an industry-leading Web-development team.

It started in fall 2003, at — wait for it — a small-town newspaper in Lawrence, Kansas.”Link.

Please note where it started: Lawrence, Kansas. That’s only the home of the Lawrence Journal, the newspaper whose online presence Rob Curley (my new hero) developed with mashup journo king Adam Holvaty amongst others. They designed this code so they could develop stuff quick.

Not only would it be great (if I made it on Project Redstripe) to be able to roll stuff out fast, but I’d like to be able to help.

What’s more, reading The 18 Mistakes that Kill Startups I came across this :

But when I think about what killed most of the startups in the e-commerce business back in the 90s, it was bad programmers. A lot of those companies were started by business guys who thought the way startups worked was that you had some clever idea and then hired programmers to implement it. 

Now I know I’ll have a tough time doing anything really complicated being a total noob but if I can get involved a tiny bit, that would be brilliant.

Man, I want to be on this Project.


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