Big media going digital : 3 examples

My, my! Everywhere you look big media seems to be plunging into the digital waters and trying to get as wet as possible.

i) The Sun creates MySun. Using the same technology behind MySpace there is now a interactive digital realm to the nation’s most red blooded tabloid. The discussion of the week is Should paedophiles be let out into the community. Louise thinks “they should be they should all be Hung-Drawn & Quartered, they are beasts, animals”.

ii) We have Brad Grey, the CEO of Paramount pictures saying, “Everybody would be very foolish not to embrace technology,” he said, adding later, “For us not to embrace it would be insanity.”

iii) My favourite story recently has been Rob Curley going to be a vice-president of the Washington Post Co. interactive division. This was, to my shame, the first time I had read about Rob Curley. I now have a new hero.

He made his name by creating kickass online sections for two local papers in the states, turning heads in media by loving the internet, not fearing it. Rather than concentrating on big news that is covered by hundreds of news outlets he went hyper-local. Playing to the self-evident strengths of local papers by creating multi-media content about local news.

When asked whether it was his ambition to work at The Washington Post, Rob gives the great line: “I just want to build cool s–t.”

Well, pour Project Redstripe a big glass of what that man’s drinking, then we can crack on and create something amazing.


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