Hardcore techs : why Economist readers are ready for web apps

I’ve always believed that Economist readers are ready for some crazy web stuff. In sales we always wang on about how technologically advanced are readers are. So why wouldn’t they be ready for something a bit more webby?

What really brought it home to me was a great piece of info from the latest Europe 2006 research. For those of you who don’t mark of the days until the latest syndicated media research comes out, let me explain Europe 2006. This is a survey of the top 10 million Europeans. It’s the business leaders, a key part of our target audience.

It showed, amongst other things, that Economist readers were 50% more likely to read blogs than other consumers of international press. I think this is heartening to everyone interested in Project Redstripe.

It means that the Project should not be afraid. Redstripe must not worry about low adoption rates. Let’s just do something amazing.


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