What speed for Project Redstripe? Ramming speed.

That is the speed that I would like to see on Project Redstripe. We’ll have the honour of working on the coolest project in the world. It’s our duty to the history of The Economist to give it everything.

I want to order pizza in when we’re working late on something that absolutely has to get done. I want to hook up at weekends to work through unexpected bugs. I want to do the web startup thing until, when we finish, everything I’ve got will be in that bloody Project.

Imagine, for a second, how I’m seeing it. When I joined The Economist after my ill fated web venture, I knew I’d love being at The Econ, and thought I might get to dabble in some web things.

Now, if things were to go well for me, I’ll have the honour of twopointzeroing (and that is the first sighting of that verb) the world’s most well respected international publication.

That’s why, if I get on Project Redstripe, I hope I’m working with people who are as infected by the web as I am. I want to hear their ideas, find out what they think, learn, learn, learn, until we come up with humzinger of an idea.

We’re being given the keys to the castle, we owe it to James Wilson, Walter Bagehot and The Economist to hammer along at ramming speed.

And, more importantly, it will be outrageously fun.

I, just like The Pointer Sisters, am so exci-ay-ay-ay-ted


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