News organisations in Second Life

I was delighted to see that Reuters have opened up a bureau in Second Life. The journalist – avatar name Adam Reuters – will file stories on Second Life business.

“Adding one more region to its 196 news bureaus around the world, Reuters now has a branch in the metaverse, supplementing it with a heads-up display featuring a multi-channel news feed from the venerated wire service…”(Link)

If you’ve read here you’ll know of my love of Second Life. Anyone with a bit of imagination should see the massive potential of a virtual world, where creativity is the only limit. Combine Second Life and a news organisation and I get very excited indeed.

I think that this is a very interesting thing to do and one that will only help Second Life be taken more seriously. It is also in keeping with Reuter’s chairman Tom Glocer‘s approach to the web. He, along with Rusbridger, has definitely ‘got it’.

Another interesting development I spotted over on New World Notes was this model of an RSS feed reader in Second Life. It turns the feed into flash so that in can be read of a screen.

I can envisage an Economist island here, where avatars get to relax, talk politics and read stories. Maybe this is the device to do it.


One Response to “News organisations in Second Life”

  1. Matt O'Neill Says:

    Organisations setting up in second life….. At this stage, I tend to feel it’s a PR excercise more than something that will have real, practical utility. That said, as SL becomes more main stream and navigation becomes easy peasy, the early adopters can really come into their own. I’ve been debating whether to point a government agency client in this direction or not. I’m ‘erring towards doing it, but we shall see.

    In economist terms, I could see real potential for online events and networking. That’s where its power lies!

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