Building customer relationships through blogging : Pt. 2

My first post on how to use blogs to build customer relationships attracted the only comment on this blog so far. It went like so : “i’m sure that a typo in the first line would grab a dean’s attention”. Quite.

The second part in the series demonstrates two things – what I thought I had to offer the business school market and my (un)healthy obsession with the web.



I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it seems a lot of people are talking about the internet at the moment. Once again there are a series of hot companies that create a lot of sound and fury, but does it signify nothing? Google, Yahoo, My Space, and You Tube are sitting pretty now, but will they be the Boo.coms of the future? In 2000 that company was just one of the 537 web related bankruptcies.

This time it’s different, they say. Now the talk is of Web2.0. Web2.0? Yes, that’s the catch all name for the new web companies that are coming up. It’s also known as the social web, becuase this time the web is enabling people to interact, communicate and collaborate in entirely new ways.

That’s why this blog is called MBA2.0. I’ll be highlighting how these new technologies will effect MBAs, and how you can take advantage of it. If this sounds interesting to you then stick around.


Unfortunately I never got to set up MBA2.0 (maybe I should copyright the nAs so much of education, and particularly business education, is based around social interaction and networking I do believe there will be some serious changes. Already Phoenix University are building a campus in Second Life.

This blog would have brought up some ways in which business education could take advantage of these developments. I wouldn’t have interested everyone, but I’m sure I could have found my niche.


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