Killing Cancer Has Never Been So Much Fun

After a few opinion posts I thought I’d write about another project I’ve pushed through. I can just imagine how entertaining it must be to read me spouting off about all manner of things but you might prefer to see things I’ve done.

And as I’m fresh out of ado, here’s The Kill Cancer Death Rally (if you mind swearing then please don’t read this site). It was a rally for Cancer Research UK where every car got sponsored before driving down to Barcelona.

It has pretty much the toughest name of any charity event in the world.

Kill Cancer because that’s what we were trying to do. Death Rally because it sounds rock’n’roll. So on Thursday 28th November I set out from work with a general’s outfit in my bag, to a car in the City, that had been redecorated by D*Face, an amazing London grafitti artist.


 You’re right. That car is covered in 100s of plastic animals

From there we drove onto the Eurotunnel to Le Touquet then to Tours, then to Toulouse until we arrived in Barcelona on Sunday afternoon. 18 people came on the rally and we were all raising money for Cancer Research UK.


And that is a Crazy Golf on the car 

The good thing was we all had an amazing time. The really great thing is we’re going to raise about £10 000 for cancer.

As is my wont, I made a blog for the cruise. It’s a pretty spiffy site, I think. There’s a fair bit YouTubing on it, some use of Flickr and even the world’s best wiki (have a read and you’ll find out why).

I can’t tell you how proud I was that this went from idea to reality. It made that enormous step out of the realm of pub chat. Then, suddenly, I found myself driving into Barcelona, not quite believing it was happening after four of the most fun days of my life.

I put an enormous amount of work into this. Working through weekends for it, and most nights of the week. This level of energy and dedication will be something I can bring to Project Redstripe.

If I’m passionate about something I’ll push it to the limit. As I think that working Project Redstripe would be the best job in the world, you’ll probably have to prise me out of the office with a crowbar.


Things which take time Pt. 1 : angle-grinding turrets into cars


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