Loser generated content vs User generated content

There’s a residual, though fast evaporating, image of a blogger. In the public perception they must be either angsty teenagers, techie geeks or political nutjobs.

That’s true, if you count number 1 selling artist Lily Allen as the teen, Sun Microsystems CEO Johnathan Schwartz as the geek and President Ahmadinejad of Iran as the political nutjob.

Why do they blog? I think The Economist answers this best when looking at why top economists blog. Blogging has “it’s place in the intellectual influence game”. Link

That’s why I’d want to do it. You get your ideas out there and make sure they’re fighting for you on the web. Then once you’ve sold an idea the rest will fall into place far more easily.

That’s worth making time for.

(By the way, most of this post was written on my mobile on the way back to work.)


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