L’esprit startup

I like startups almost as much as I like French anglicisms, you can’t help but laugh when you hear that the bonheur attitude c’est bon pour ma life. My first job was for a seriously failed startup radio station in Paris.

Paris Live Radio turned out to be not so much bootstrapped as cashstrapped. That didn’t deter me from saying I was a graphic designer, just to get involved. After using my minimal Photoshop skills I was able to branch out.

Writing advertising jingles (Cafe Oz – it’s the great mate’s place mate), directing their recording, designing flyers, reading the news, writing PR pieces and, of course, selling ads.  Friends in London learnt how to use the photocopier, I was soon having to learn how to manage a team of marketing interns.

It was intoxicating. Working ’till ten, coming in at weekends too, in between a bar job to pay the bills. I’m hoping that we get that buzz on Project Redstripe.

It’ll be tiring, but very satisfying.


Start me up 


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