Group Love

It’s Friday and my mind is slightly turned to the weekend. Now is not the time to put down the monstrous web visions that keep me up at night. No, I will put in another reference instead. This time from Sally Bibb, the Director of Group Sales Development.

Sally was one of the first Economistas who I talked web with. There’s a moment in The French Lieutenant’s Woman when two characters discover that they are both Darwinists. They talk late into the night, delighted that they can share their (secret) knowledge.

So it is when I find webheads. Rather than a blank stare, I see the same crazed look (OK, she didn’t get as crazed as me) and then we’re away. Here’s her take on me and the internet :

“Great blog! I think it’s fantastic that you have put yourself forward for Red Stripe. You clearly are very knowledgeable and savvy about the web. You’re the first person I would think of asking if I had web type question. Apart from your knowledge I love your energy and passion for the web. Good luck. Keep me posted.”

The disclaimer on all this is that I’m not a big showoff the whole time. However, I don’t want to think “If only I’d put myself forward a bit more”. Hence. the immodesty.

What the hey, I’ll just see how this rolls.


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