Project RSStripe (God that joke is lame)

My feed reader saves my life. It brings information to me and lets me munch through the web real quick, allowing me to do things like, for example, my job (and by the way wouldn’t it be cool if that site was a bit more human).

I think it’s great that has got feeds on it. I love the fact that I can have Global Agenda sent straight to me. Now I can pretend I have something clever to say about North Korea’s dangerous game, when in I’m just regurgitating.

But Project Redstripe isn’t about RSS feeding all our content. It’s about creating an Economist feed reader which you can plug our feeds into but also any other feed in the web.

The Economist is interesting, but we’re not the only show in town. Let our readers remix the web but allow them to do it with us.

That’s Project Redstripe thinking.


 Food readers


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