Don’t listen to me. Listen to Daniel Franklin

You don’t get the nickname Blogman without speaking to a lot of people about the web (not just blogs). Like a true ad salesman I thought it would be useful to ask some of them to give me a testimonial.

The first one I got was from Daniel Franklin, The Economist online editor and Flintoffesque cricket allrounder :

I first met Tom in the lift at The Tower, and it took him no more than an elevator ride to let me know of his passion for internet entrepreneurship, in particular social networks. Since then he has bombarded me with ideas and comments on web developments – over lunch and in emails with links to pertinent blogs. It’s a welcome bombardment: the ideas are invariably pertinent and interesting. It’s clear that he would love nothing more than to follow his passion.”

I don’t know about the ideas being pertinent, but it’s certainly true about the bombardment. Web 2.0 is the stuff I live and breathe. I’ve got an RSS feed reader full of tech feeds and like nothing more than find out what’s going down on Techcrunch.

If passion for all things webby were the only criteria for this position, I’d back myself all the way.


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