How to use a blog to build client relationships. Part 1.

At a certain stage of working on my Blogging for Business project – as I shall now christen it – I decided that I would make a few trial posts as an example of what I would write. The aim of it was to provide content that would be of interest to my key stakeholders – agencies and business education clients.

The key was to provide information that was interesting enough to attract the attention of a Dean, but useful enough to help an account exec get some ideas before they go to see their one business school client.

Here’s an example of a post.


One of the reasons that I really appreciate Santiago Iniguez’s blog, and his outlook in general, is that he has a very broad outlook on what an MBA should be. His latest post expands on the idea that the role of business education providers as suppliers of cultural and even spiritual guidance to their participants.

As the MBA comes under attack from such luminaries as Seth Godin and by such movements as the Personal MBA then schools which provide transformative experiences might be the one’s that grab the attention.

In his latest post he writes about how literature can be used to as an inspiration in business. Recently I’ve been reading a bit of William Blake and Allen Ginsberg. These radical visonary poets, who see new models for the future amid the crumbling certainties of their time, certainly get you thinking broadly. I’d advise anyone who wants to get a different perspective on disruption and creation to read them.

On the other hand, there might be a lot of head scratching when participants read the first lines of Ginsberg’s Howl : ‘I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked’. Things have changed since the 50s, I suppose. Don’t the best minds of a generation now work at Google? Who else would see this sign and think of 7427466391.


As funny as the rate of change of the curve y=r^3/3


There are also more posts on how to teach MBA students to build online personas, using business school blogs to find out about your courses and how new networking technologies can help business schools.

The key was to use the advantage that I had – knowledge of the internet, an ability to scour the web for business school news – to provide useful content for my clients.


3 Responses to “How to use a blog to build client relationships. Part 1.”

  1. The wonders of wikis « The Fedoral Reserve Says:

    […] One of the problems of trying to get my blog project off the ground is that I have spoken to a lot of people about it. This has given the false impression that I’m only obsessed by blogs, when I’m obsessed by new media as a whole. This blog should show that I’m a rounded digital player with an understanding of many developments on the web. […]

  2. Ed Lee Says:

    i’m sure that a typo in the first line would grab a dean’s attention…just not sure if it’d be the right sort.

    out of curiosity, what’s project red stripe?


    “Mad Lee”

  3. BrainMc Says:

    free disney porn

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