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When “No” means “Yes, I would kill for it”

September 20, 2006

When I first heard about Project Redstripe I was profoundly disappointed. I instantly told Mike not to consider me for the position. This might come as some surprise to the colleagues who have christened me Blogman, or send me links across the Atlantic about why you should stop blogging.

Why would I, the blog champion not want to be a part of this adventure? The problem was I had only been at The Economist six months. The last thing that I wanted to do leave Phil in the lurch. Particularly when, during my interview, he put it to me that I was too entrepreneurial, would get bored, then leave in nine months. To apply for a secondment 33% earlier than he predicted was not on.

Phil had other plans and, in his eternal kindness, gave me the green light to have a go at the red stripe. My feet didn’t touch the ground on the way to the tube, nor for the following few days. 

I can now have a go and I’ll do just that. This blog will be my way of showing that I am very well suited to the task of creating jazzy new web ventures.

The Fedoral Reserve will showcase, firstly, my passion for all things web; secondly, my drive and energy which, to my mind, are needed for small startup projects; and thirdly the initiatives that I have taken on both at The Economist, and outside, that use the internet.